Lakewood Advisors Expands Japanese Advisory Capabilities

Lakewood Advisors is pleased to announce that technology veteran Makoto (Mac) Naito has joined the firm as Operating Partner. Naito-San brings more than 30 years of experience with leading Japanese, American and European firms, including SONY, Akamai, IBM, Schneider Electric, Dell and NCR. Some of his most notable projects include strategy and market development for Sony’s Betamax technology and Play Station 2, the introduction of Akamai Technologies to the Japanese market and the successful integration of Candle Japan into IBM’s Japanese operations.

In recent months, Lakewood Advisors has seen a significant uptick in its Japanese business, having represented a major Japanese electronics manufacturer in the expansion of its U.S. capabilities. Cross-border transactions between the two countries have also increased, creating significant opportunities for technology-sector investors. Close ties between Japan and the U.S. create fertile ground for operational and business expansions, as well as timely opportunities for investments and partnerships.

Makoto Naito is the third Japanese technology executive to join Lakewood Advisors as an Operating Partner. Kenji Nishiwada joined Lakewood Advisors in 2018 and Mitsuru Ohki became a Lakewood Advisors Operating Partner in 2019.