Top 10 Effects Of Coronavirus On TV Trade Shows

The pandemic will affect the shows, attendees and exhibitors for years to come. Each of us now has a chance to think about where we as an industry go from here.

This week’s news that the organizers of IBC 2020 in Amsterdam have canceled the annual conference out of concern over COVID-19 and the welfare of attendees and exhibitors has left many in the television industry wondering what will be the longer term consequences of this pandemic on the large trade shows so many of us regard as “must attend” gatherings.

I have been attending the NAB Show for more than 30 years. Its cancellation, like that of IBC, will impact our industry and many of our personal careers for years to come.

As a former broadcaster and trade show exhibitor, and now an investment banker for the industry, I have regarded the NAB Show as the single most important industry event on my calendar every year. While IBC doesn’t compare for me personally, I fully recognize that it does for many broadcasters and others aligned with our industry from around the world.

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